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Get the PR statistics you always needed

Monitor pull requests for your repositories and get relevant statistics for reviewing and commenting on pull requests. Inspire developers to self-optimize and highlight their achievements and successes.


PullKeeper features

Reviewer statistics

Calculated the up-to-date (data is collected each hour) reviewer statistics (reviews, comments, average review time and more metrics with description) separately for each repository and for the whole company, and repository statistics


Application requires read-only access to pull requests in your repositories and does not use your code. Your developers can (or can't) have access to their statistics

Customizable calculations

Customizable calculations of review time: there are several configurations for calculating the average time for more accurate and believable results

Exclude rules

Considering vacation time of developers and working time of companies for better calculating average time of reviews and merges, use exclude rules for pull requests to avoid double code counting

Comparing data

Compareable data with previous periods for better understanding development improvements and progress/regress of coding

Slack/Discord/Telegram notification

Receive notifications to Slack/Discord/Telegram with latest insights of your companies and repositories, or send data to custom url

Github and Gitlab API

Pull requests, reviewers, and comments data are collected with Github and Gitlab API

Achievements system

PullKeeper has achievements system for representing and comparing developer success

Open Source

PullKeeper is 100% open source. You can check source code of application at Github repository.

If you have any suggestions then you can create issue at Github issues.

You can fork repository, run it locally or even run it on your own production server.

PullKeeper is now actively used by 22 companies or developers that have 48 repositories with active synchronizations.

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How it works

1. Add company

First of all you need to create Company, it is just abstraction for group of repositories with similar configuration.


2. Add repository

For any company you need to create Repository, and here real link for your repository at Github or Gitlab is required (repository can be private).

Later this link will be used for fetching statistics.

Any user, that has insights at some company or repository, has read access for insights data in such companies and repositories, so it's required (and allowed) only for 1 user to create/enable fetching data for specific repository and other developers will have access to it.

3. Add access token

You need to add access token for Company or Repository with read-only permissions for fetching pull requests data from Github or Gitlab.

PullKeeper fetches timestamps data from pull requests, commits, reviews and their authors.


4. Enjoy your insights

With that completed, you're all set and geared up for having developers statistics.

Developers insights are collected on Repository level and for whole Company.

There are additional repository insights with specific statistics.

At this point all your developers will have access to insights, they will need just to login to PullKeeper.

5. Additional settings

PullKeeper has many additional settings thanks to which you can increase the accuracy of statistics and expand functionality.

Such settings includes privacy settings, working time, excludes rules for pull requests, different insight calculation preferences, notifications.



While PullKeeper is growing features list can grow too for both regular and premium plans.

Payment can be done from Profile page after login, but no rush, there is trial 100 days for checking application.



  • 6 insight metrics
  • 5 tracking repositories
  • company metrics based on repositories
  • full access for developers
  • excluding developers for insights
  • configuring working time, vacations
  • configuring exclude rules for PRs
  • sending insights to Slack/Discord/Telegram
  • achievements system


€10/month or €100/year

Everything in regular, plus:

  • 12 insight metrics instead of 6
  • 15 tracking repositories
  • comparing data with previous periods

Unlimited Premium

€20/month or €200/year

Everything in premium, plus:

  • unlimited repositories
  • priority support and new feature integration


Custom prices

Special opportunities:

  • assistance in deploying your own server
  • desktop application (in progress) for fully secured insights and statistics

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